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Motorised roller blinds

electric motorised roller blinds

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Roller blinds are the most common motorised blind.

Electric roller blinds can be used just about anywhere and in any situation. There is a huge choice of fabrics and motors available meaning that just about any requirement can be fullfilled.

Fabrics are available in many colours and textures, as blackouts and screen fabrics and many abrics are now available up to 3m wide allowing large blinds to be made without any joins in the fabric.

Power options can be battery, low voltage 24vdc or mains 240vac. Battery powered blinds dont require any additional wiring so if you have just had your new extension built battery power might be the way to go. If however you are still at the planning stage it may be a better option to have wiring put in so that mains motors can be used.

Somfy powered roller blinds

Somfy offer many options to power and control your electric roller blinds

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QMotion battery powered roller blinds

Qmotion electric roller blinds are battery powered. They use standard D-cell batteries and have many advantages over traditoanl motorised roller blinds.

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Motorised Roman blinds


  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Blackout fabrics available


  • Battery
  • 24vdc low voltage
  • 240v mains


  • Handset
  • Wall switch
  • App control
  • Voice control via Alexa


  • Maximum Widths up to 3.0m
  • Maximum Drop up to 2.8m
  • Larger widths and drops available as special orders